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Seeking the best and the brightest of the Fandom!

We seek to give credit where credit is due and finally recognize the magnificent work the LOTRiPS Fandom is capable of. These awards are specifically for slash fiction written in the LOTRiPS Fandom. No explicit Het, Femmeslash or FPS will be considered. This is not a battlefield or a popularity contest, it is meant to give recognition to the talented and deserving writers of the fandom for their dedicated work and is all in fun. Play nice.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns please contact the moderators.

Fics must be RPS (Real Person Slash) original fiction and include actors from The Lord of the Rings films. They must also have been written in the year 2008 (for fics begun in the year 2007, the last chapter must have been made public after 1 January 2008 for it to qualify as a 2008 fic) and with the exception of the WIP Category, must have been finished by 31 December 2008.

Fics must also be viewable to the public. Locked and private fics will not be eligible.

We realize that the lines between the categories are blurry, and so fics are eligible for more than one category. Works in Progress, however, may only be nominated for the WIP Category. Characters and scenes from WIPs will not be eligible for the other categories.

Comments to the Nomination Posts will be screened, and therefore we will not be able to respond to them. If you have a question or comment, please e-mail them or comment to this post.

The deadline for nominations is the 25th of January, 2009.

You may nominate as often and as many fics/authors/characters/scenes as you like. The more the merrier! You do not have to be a member of the comm in order to nominate. Only the mods have the ability to post to the comm, all nominations should be done either by comments or by e-mail.

The categories for nominations can be found below or in the pages of the slashy_oscars community. We ask for nominations in all categories; however, not receiving enough nominations in a category might result in its cancellation.

To nominate please copy and paste the template below and fill out your nominations. Place it either into an e-mail or a comment responding to the appropriate post in the community. Comments are screened and therefore are anonymous. Please include as much of the information as possible. We will be attempting to contact the authors of all the final nominees, and if we do not have permission from an author to enter their fic into the final running we won't be able to do it.

Name of Fic:
Link to Fic:
Name of Author:
Author's Contact Information:

Just to avoid any grey areas, we will be forced to ignore nominations that aren't done correctly. Please make sure you have read all the guidelines.

Beginning date of voting will be January 18, ending date of voting will be February 18. Polls will be posted when voting begins in which you will be able to vote for one of five nominees in each category that got the most nominations in their respective categories. If you do not have a LiveJournal account and do not care to create an account, you can vote manually by e-mail.

Posting date for results will be February 22, the day of the Oscars..

There will not be judging done by one or two individuals. The five finalists in each category will be picked from sheer numbers of nominations (please be fair, no ballot stuffing) and the winners will be voted upon by the readers.

All nominees will receive a banner upon request.

The winners will receive a banner and an icon proclaiming your brilliance!

For detailed descriptions, please click the heading links.

Best Angst/Drama Fic
Best Fluff or PWP Fic
Best BDSM Fic
Best Crossover Fic
Best AU Fic
Best WIP

Best Angst/Drama Fic
Best Fluff or PWP Fic
Best BDSM Fic
Best Crossover Fic
Best AU Fic
Best Drabble

Best Character in a Leading Role
Best Character in a Supporting Role
Best Comedic Relief
Best Villain
Best Ensemble Cast
Best Non-LotR Character

Best Sex Scene
Best First Time Scene
Best Fight/Breakup Scene
Best Reunion/Makeup Scene
Best Comedic or Dramatic Scene
Best Kiss

Best Overall Smut
Best Overall Dialogue
Best Overall Premise/Plot
Best Overall Characterizations
Best Story Banner
Best Beta
Best Author
Best Debut
Best Fic

The content you will encounter in this community and in the links provided throughout the community is graphic and slashy in nature. If you do not like graphic and slashy, or do not know what slashy means, then you're probably here by mistake and should hit that 'back' button before we corrupt you.

All of the fics contained within the community are fiction. No harm or insult is intended to any of the actors portrayed in said fiction, and the authors do not make a profit from their work. All fics are the mental property of the authors, do not take them without permission lest you wish to be hunted down like a bloodsucker in a bad vampire flick.

All artwork is created specifically for this community.
The artwork for the profile page and the older icons are by causette and legomyarrow
The new artwork for the journal is by galor5
Please do not take it without the intention of pimping the slashy_oscars.

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