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The Reading List of 2009 [Sep. 6th, 2009|03:13 pm]
Slashy Oscars



We are really sorry that it took us this long, but finally it arrived!

Here are all the fics that got nominated in the 2009 Oscars (whether they were eligible or not). Some of them might now be locked, please ask the author to let you read politely. Please also let us know if there's a mistake.

Congratulations to all the authors and have fun reading!


A Hard Act to Follow by silvan_lady

A Lost Boy by angiepen

A Moment In Time by alilacia

A Ranger's Recipe by bluespirit_star

A Symbol of Ownership by helena_s_renn and rotpunkt

Across the Hall by giselleslash

Again by giselleslash

All Roads Lead to You by widdershin

Anteros by liriel1810

Any Other Business by silvan_lady

Armani Hero by liriel1810


Bathtime Buddies by bloominbabylon

Battle of Eyes by helena_s_renn and rotpunkt

Be Mine by liriel1810

Between Takes by alilacia

Black & White by silvan_lady

Black Magic Christmas by tiniowien

Blackbird Song by giselleslash

Blessed Be by eruberueth

Bloom Of Compassion by laeglass

Blue Moon by gattodoro

Blurring the Lines by helena_s_renn

Brain Freeze by nurseowens

Broken China by wynterhawk

Bungee Jumping on a Forgotten Anniversairy by anisalee

But Sean Would by doylebaby

By Night’s End by rawiyaparand


Capturing the Light by silvan_lady

Castles in the Sky by anisalee

Chasing Cars by spikessweetgirl

Choices by blueskydancers

Clouds and Rain by nurseowens

Come Home by silvan_lady

Coming in Hot by gattodoro

Confessions by okinay and viggorlibean3

Cooler Than Xbox by liriel1810

Cracks in the Pavement by lenalove

Cruising by doylebaby


Daddy Thinks I'm Fine by fictionbylouby

Death Does Not Become Him by slave_o_spike

Degrees of Freedom by laeglass

Der Falke (The Falcon) by arieltachna and sileya

Detour by liriel1810

Doesn't Paint in Town (2003) by afra_schatz

Doesn't Paint in Town (99/00) by afra_schatz

Doesn't Paint in Town (1995) by afra_schatz

Doesn't Paint in Town (1995, April) by afra_schatz

Doesn't Paint in Town (2004) by afra_schatz

Doesn't Paint in Town (2008) by afra_schatz

Doesn't Paint in Town (94/95) by afra_schatz

Dragonfly by gattodoro


Empty Walls by zooeyrye

Everything is Relative by liriel1810


Fire by gattodoro

Firsts - formerly Secrets and Consequences Interlude 3 by blueskydancers

Fountain by silvan_lady

Free Me by shegollum

From the Corner of His Eye by Black Dragon

From Waffles To Love by ireth06


Happenstance by toolost_inyou

Healing The Warrior's Soul by liriel1810

He'll be Coming Round the Mountain by silvan_lady

Hiding from Life by katlinn

Home Sweet Home by doylebaby

How to Seduce an Older Man by nurseowens


Icarus by dienw

I'll Do Anything by saura_

In Silence (There Is Truth) by j_ryder448

In the Still of the Night (Helping Hands Interlude) by jaye_voy

In Vino Veritas by nurseowens

It Had to Be You by jenlynn820


(Jingle) All The Way by zee113

Just Like Heaven by kittylass


Lesson’s Learned by normalone and angel_gayla

Let Me Rest in Peace by spikessweetgirl

Light My Way by toolost_inyou

Little Things by tati

Little Wing by zee113


Meeting Sean Bean by doylebaby

Meeting The Grandparents by liriel1810

Memories of a Touch by wynterhawk

Mind-Mindedness by fictionbylouby

Mystic Records by giselleslash


New Zealand Chronicles by fienchen

Not Fair by doylebaby

Not That Sort of Boy by gattodoro


Occupational Hazard by wynterhawk

Off the Ropes by abundantlyqueer

Oh, Mother by laeglass

One Year On by liriel1810


Pearls Before Swine by baileymoyes

Phantom Touches by widdershin

Photos In Time by nverland and ranger_girl0301

Pick Up or Delivery by silvan_lady

Pirate Booty by fictionbylouby

Playful by willowwing

Poetry by widdershin

Pretty Baby by lostiawen


Reasons by firiel77

Reunions by rifleman_s


Satisfaction Guaranteed by azewewish

Secret Diary of a London Escort by fictionbylouby

Self-guided Tour by helena_s_renn

Seraglio by gattodoro

Shadowkinght by tiniowien

Slide & Release by silvan_lady

Small Matters by zee113

Snippets of an Affair by nurseowens

Snowed In by zee113

Sport Of Kings - You Say It Best by afra_schatz

Stern by jasmineskie

Supercalifragilisticexpi-Orli-docious by jenlynn820


Tahitian Moon by honeyandvinegar

Tainted by azewewish

Take it Away by saura_

Tango Series by azewewish

Temporary Monogamy by azewewish

Temptation by silvan_lady

The Audition by zee113

The Beauty Within by ireth06

The Bet by jasmineskie

The Canterbury Wax Museum by doylebaby

The Coffee Shop by giselleslash

The Fall by idrillia

The Greasy Chip Butty Fic by fictionbylouby

The Last Sunrise by Salwood

The Other Half of Me by fictionbylouby

The Sins of Another by slashbycaranfin

The Trouble with Girlfriends by nverland

The Untamed by ismenin

Then & Now by doylebaby

Timeless by rifleman_s

To Dream Idaho by dream

Twisted Desire by doylebaby


Unexpectedly Rescued by giselleslash

Untitled by zee113


Viggo and Orlando Make A Porno by laeglass


Wading Out by widdershin

White Towels by widdershin

Whoever You May Be by Cesi

Who'll Do the Laundry? by anisalee

Wife Wanted by ireth06

Wild Hearts by roesheen

Windona Creek by doylebaby


Xbox Games Are Cool by liriel1810


You Don't Get It by kaiyoz


[User Picture]From: mistry89
2009-09-07 06:41 am (UTC)
Thank you - for the Slashy Oscars and for these links (I lost nearly all of my bookmarks recently, so am delighted to see anything that helps jog my memory of what I need to find).
Cheers :)
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